Recycle Used Advertising Billboard Banners


Our goal is to save 26 Tons of PVC from reaching landfills, nation-wide.  Two hundred Billboard-size (14 x48ft) banners can reach that goal (which is only 4 Billboards per State).   The USA generates 32 million tons of plastic waste and 93% of this plastic will end up in a landfill. (Source:

       Download Flyers with information About Our "Upcycling" Banner Program:



BROADWAY BANNER BAGS:   Saratoga Flag manufactures custom tote bag products from "Up-cycled" old "Broadway Banners."
This is an opportunity to Recycle & Reclaim your old vinyl and nylon banners (which were headed to the Landfill).  We "re-purpose" these old materials (in good condition) into new and practical tote bags, keepsakes & works of art.  A 14ft x 48ft Vinyl Billboard Banner yields approximately 60-100 tote bags.

If you represent a Non-Profit Group, Museum, Sports Organization, College, School, Municipality, or Corporation that purchases Special Event Advertising Banners, please consider partnering with Saratoga Flag to reuse these advertising banners, which will create new branding opportunities for your organization. 

We can stitch up your old "Broadway Banners" into a fashionable tote bag which can be re-sold in your gift shop or on your website, so brand-loyal fans have a practical keepsake collectible, to remember you as a mindful and sustainable company. 

Please call to discuss your project Before sending us any old banners.